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We provide the best responsive e commerce web design and develoment solutions to our clients.

Chantosweb developers is a web design and development firm that offers solution to web application needs in the realm of e commerce on both front end and backend. We offer web development to clients in need of

  1. Web design- Responsive personal websites.
  2. Responsive Business web design and development.
  3. E commerce web application that embraces full stack technology with vuejs and laravel.

Responsive nature of a website is becoming quite a figure in the world of internet today. Given that Responsive websites tend to be prioritized by the search engines not to mention the fact that vast internet surfing is done via mobile phones or tablets, its HIGHLY ADVICEABLE to employ responsive website and with the following templates at responsive web design templates

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Our code

Our drive in the web development industry

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We are dedicated to be the best web designers and developers there is .

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Love and passion

we embrace both Back end and front end web devlopment that define web application design and development.Responsive web design templates are at your disposal here at Chantosweb Developers.

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We and our products are built to observe adaptability, security and be always available to bring satisfaction to customers in the world of e commerce.


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As far as e commerce is concerned seo, efficiency, effectiveness are the keys to successful online business venture thus our web deisgn and development is founded to be resourceful in SEO, Social site interlink, easy share of contents among others

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Content management system

Our web designs are built to bring control to our clients even with little or no programming skills. One, with the use of content management software(c.m.s) one can customize their websites towards their tastes and preferences.

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Web applications

Our web applications such as online shopping website with stock management system, responsive school web based managment system among other highlights of what we are capable of as full stack developers

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