E commerce special features on web design applications

The uniqueness, resourcefulness, efficiency, and effectiveness of a web design or a web application has a high impact on the search optimization of a site. The ability to compel a customer to hang around your site or even to visit again is very resourceful as far as seo is concerned. Below are some features that have got some intuition of the such

Statistical analysis tools

Statistical analysis tools

Statistical analysis tools for ecommerce web applications

It is the graphical representation of data in symbols , they include bar graphs, line charts, pie charts etc. given that e commerce revolves around data and in voluminous forms as it is. It is there for very efficient for an e commerce application to be able to generate data in charts for easier analysis and decision making.

Imagine a responsive e commerce web design whereby you can actually view the progess of your business and the best part is all the analysis are done for you. Well dont bother imagining it is a reality here at Chantosweb Developers. Information laid in graphical presentations such as sale of a product, or category of products, or sales distribution and the such .I am talking about charts, bargraphs, line chats, geo location sales ect. the sweet deal is you can actually view live data anywhere any time and all you need is internet connection and a smartphone/tablet/computer.

Content management system to the ecommerce application or rather ERPs

This is the ability of an application to provide a special feature to add , modify or delete data- customization of the application or the website. It enables users to modify their data and customize their user interface As for the server side it enables manipulation of websites in almost all forms like adding, deleting etc

Web design and web application for e commerce businesses

Online shopping website with stock managment system, enterprice resource planning, online school management web based application are just but a few on going projects we have here at Ctantosweb developers. Ooh yeah! you think the idea of employees distributed all over the grobe working for the same company is imposible??? well that actually came to reality with the age of internet. The internet has made virtual reality a reality. the question is do you want to find out how? because our erps or rather websites are quite capable of that thank you very much, . You can actually process a supplier or customer invoice via phone.

Responsive Web design brings ecommerce to the future

Responsive Web design is the approach that suggests that design of websites and web application that adapts to screen size, platform and orientation of the gadget in use to view it. This technology is gaining popularity due to its ability to build a common ground where all devices use the same platform to ensure efficient service delivery to its clients.

Mobile friendly websites have recently established favor with search engines give that today most suffing is done over the phones and tablets. Besides look no further for responsive web design examples for your web design. . Unresponsive sites suffer low traffic because rational suffers do not linger around unresposive sites. Therefor it is highly recommended that business should adopt responsive websites and web applications.

Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a web search engines. Let’s face it if your website or web application does not appear on the first page of your selected keyword search dimension then you are in really big trouble. I know we cannot always be in the first page and no one can guarantee the special rank especially with google ranking mystery format. But we know search engines are walking towards the element of human satisfaction derived from a search and with that we can pull a miracle to entice search engines to rank us on the first page of its search results. How do we do this? Well leave that us besides design, development, SEO and the like are our area of expertise’s

Although search engine optimazation topics is quite enormous, one thing clearly stands out "user experience". Whatever you do make sure that User experience is the core to your search engine Optimization. Entrust your seo to

  1. Provide unique and resourcefull content to your readers
  2. Give them a friendly user interface, urls etc
  3. Optimize on keywords to help search engines find your contents etc.

Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization

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