Website templates design and themes for ecommerce web application

Website templates are designs creation of a plan for the construction of websites that brings about beauty, efficiency, confidentiality, availability while embracing integrity of ecommerce. our templates are responsive to fit to any screen size, orientation or browser. We are kenyan based web development firm that knows both sides of the coin -that is Kenya as motherland and how to develop an online precence, best suited to bridge the gap. These templates are designed to revoke the ambience of business, to capture customer attention, provide best self service there is to offer and provoke a like to visit the site again.

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Ecommerce website templates designs

Themes on the other hand brings the ambience of nature, venue etc. but for our case natures holds the beauty and thus frame our templates base on nature. Well there are alot of things we pride in, in kenya but nature and wildlife brings joy and defines our culture.
It always feels nice to have a get away to enjoy nature and its beauty, cool and calm environment. As nice a this sounds, get aways always are not regular thing but we can offer something to provoke the ambience while shopping or surfing.

The reality of ecommerce world of business has changed. Virtual ecommerce is having its grip into the real world life and to be honest ecommerce has taken over the world of commerce.

Resposive ecommerce website templates

Responsive Templates designs for websites


Responsive online store template design

This responsive design brings about the beauty of ecommerce, the ability to addapt to any gadget, screen size and screen orientation



Responsive catering website template design

Catering website responsive design with bloging capabilities, online reservation of services etc



Responsive catering design template 2

This responsive design brings about with it bloging capabilities, online reservation of services etc



Responsive room reservation website template

To Put a word out there of a business like a hotel, motel and the such can be quite challenging but with a responsive beautiful template like this one the future looks promising



Responsive ticket reservation website design template

Employ a ticket reservation website for your business view able on smartphones,tablets and pcs



Responsive interior design template

Venture into interior desing business with a style that leaves a mark



Responsive interior design

First impression has time and time again sealed business fates which changing it proves really difficult but not entirely impossible




Beautiful wedding planner template that fits the bill of mobile friendly user interface



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