Why should we get married? Does marriage take the fun out of life? Is it old fashion or tradition that should be done away with? Huh plenty of awful questions right!!! Marriage is becoming a scarily word that it is frightening everyone in the society regardless of their confidence, race or status.

Parents prayer for their kids on marriage

For every parent, they never seize to wonder, pray, hope that their children will meet a worthy while life partner. Funny since we are all a child to someone and that someone is constantly wondering if we are lucky enough to meet that special person that will treasure us.

Awful truth about parents and their children relationship

Despite the location on the globe each parent does not trust the guy in their precious daughter's life and for some communities especially the African if you like it when your head in tack over your neck never ever allow the dads to see you with his daughter unless married . Mothers on the other hand never trust the woman in their son's life which is sometimes scarily. Unfortunately the rate at which divorce is taking place is way overwhelming, a fact that has somehow persuaded the young generation to think marriage as a no go zone especially those children had to go through a divorce. I mean everyone is directly or indirectly associated with a divorce and they are never pretty to witness.

Then the question arises why should we get married? Does marriage take the fun out of life? Is it old fashion or tradition that should be done away with? the answer is it is totally Your call! !!! I mean come on children should be the fruit of love and if not you are way over your head that marriage does not stand a chance. The beauty of watching that version of you growing and holding onto you calling you papa or mama requires extra hand it is never an easy task. If you think its old fashion study divorcees and the divorced, womanizers analyze them critically and then evaluate if you would love such life? No marriage is perfect but it is associated with a perfect thing- LOVE

Marriage defines home and home is not property but where your heart feels at peace. If you need that in your life then there is no other way marriage is the answer. Do not regret of not having a home at your old age as I said it is totally your call. We all want to be loved but we take those who love us for granted those who feel the lonely gap and make a life worthy while! It's never too late to get back to them. For family defines us and the beauty of family they are bound by love and strengthen by blood.

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