Effect of Technology on Dial a Drink Services in Kenya

In Kenya technology is growing really fast since the introduction of the Internet in the 21st century. The tremendous growth was seen after the former president Mwai Kibaki introduced the open economy. In the alcohol industry, which is a service related industry, received a great boost as now customers can comfortably order their drinks from the comfort of their homes. Since the launch of the first online liquor store in Kenya, able drinks delivery, several other companies have joined the industry making the customer confused on which one to choose.
The main factors that influence the customers are convenience, availability, and affordability. This goes in hand with fast drinks delivery in Kenya and free alcohol delivery Nairobi. The best online liquor store in Kenya must offer fast and free drinks delivery services in Nairobi to ensure that the customers enjoy their drinks within the shortest time possible after placing their order. To increase daily turnover, the business must ensure they have a good customer retention method which is largely influenced by delivery time, variety and original drinks. With the rise in fake drinks, customers must be very cautious about where they buy their drinks to avoid being the prey. Fake drinks are not a loss to the client financially but also very sensitive to their health.

I have tried several online liquor store in Kenya and my experience with each of them was different. Some of them like chupachap and Jays Wines Distributors are so pricey and take too long to deliver. Jumia Party that belongs to the giant e-commerce in Kenya was doing very initially but because it uses the third party in the delivery system, they are very unreliable. The customer loses direct touch with the liquor store as Jumia acts as an intermediary. Jumia Party also takes too long to deliver and have no means to track your delivery once you place your order. Other liquor stores like dial a drink Kenya takes too long to deliver, have no quality guarantee of their drinks and have poor packaging. It is really inappropriate to be handed your bottle by bare hands without even a gift bag or something to carry your drinks with. Disappointment sets in if you are working in an office and you may not like your colleagues or the boss to learn that you are going to drink a bottle of whiskey or wine that night.
The most impressive online liquor store that I would recommend everyone to try is Nairobi Drinks. This liquor store got everything that will leave you happy. Their strength mostly lays in free and fast drinks delivery Nairobi, affordability in terms of price, easier accessibility of their services, original products, the variety of drinks available and are the most convenient and reliable online liquor delivery services in Nairobi. This guy got bottles from all corners of the world. This is evident on their robust website that displays some alcohol that you have never heard off. The best thing is that they have a description of all the drinks. For example, if you were looking for whiskey delivery Nairobi, their whiskey page got more than 200 different types of whiskey ranging from single malt whiskeys, blended scotch whiskeys, American and bourbon whiskeys, Irish whiskeys and other whiskeys. These categorization helps in quick location of your drinks although you may use their intelligent search that offers auto-complete functionality.

This also goes the same for other services like wine delivery Nairobi which is categorized to rose’ wine, red wine, white wine and sparkling wine. However, champagne delivery Nairobi is offered as a different service although is a wine. All these wines may also be filtered by other options like dry, sweet, semi-dry, semi-sweet etc. This is much easier from their descriptive names. Other services offered include beer delivery Nairobi, cognac delivery, vodka delivery Nairobi, tequila delivery Nairobi and many more.
Nairobi Drinks services are very affordable because they offer discounted prices on all the drinks and to make it more interesting they offer free alcohol delivery Nairobi and its immediate surrounding environs. Their delivery time is worth noting, it is always below 30 minutes. Sometimes they do it within 10 or 15 minutes if the client is not far from CBD. This comes on hand if you receive impromptu friends and you want to wow them with alcohol and unfortunately your liquor cabinet is empty. Nairobi Drinks is easily accessible from all the social media platforms and their robust website www.nairobidrinks.co.ke . Their ordering system is the best I have ever seen. You may order you preferred drink via SMS, WhatsApp, shopping cart or via a call by clicking on your preferred drink. They will respond to you immediately for confirmation and dispatch the order.

Whichever the dial a drink service in Nairobi you use, the satisfaction boils to the quality of services provided. It is cool and feels awesome to order alcohol online in Kenya, but at the same time, it is even better to be served by the leading service provider because they give the best.

For more information visit https://www.nairobidrinks.co.ke/wine-delivery-nairobi or

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