How to establish a stable online job in ecommerce

Securing a job in today’s world has proved to be a nightmare-endless application filling, next to impossible to secure an interview and if they do requirements includes years of experience which begs the question where on earth will you get the exposure if they keep on asking for experience. Its time we got to exploit new ways of making money if we intend to survive in this unforgiving and ruthless monster we call economy .

walaaah! Good news is that although we take online job as the second option it should be treated as first considering these benefits that accompanies them are all we dream about which include

  1. Get to be your own boss
  2. work at your own schedule
  3. dictate the level of your income- more hours more money
  4. Work anywhere any time
  5. Pride in your work and job
Yeah I Know right! Sound incredible so simple to get done. Well not so fast mr./ mrs I happen to be a realist who always tables all the pros and cons to every subject or decision at hand like in this case
  1. You need internet connection a laptop/ desktop
  2. Hard to secure a job with no reputation to yourself
  3. Unstable job flows like you get plenty today tomorrow no jobs and even the week after
  4. prone to scams

What exactly are we to expect these jobs to be

Lets get to the goods stuff. Jobs are plenty and it all comes down to what you are good at you think am kidding try sites like freelance, elance, guru and the like. They offer jobs in the fields like
  1. web development jobs
  2. writing jobs
  3. Accounting jobs
  4. Teaching jobs
  5. Data entry jobs
  6. software development jobsand many more

How to ease your worry with your e-commerce career

To find out what you really are going to do with your life in terms of career is a question that torments everyone at certain age or time. How long and when the question bothers us depends on the environment we live in. some people are indeed very fortunate since resources and mentors are in plenty of supply but to the rest of us the world doesn’t care of our existence and to be pretty much honest to some of us careers is just another fancy vocabulary in our fairy tales. Do not dismay the world is indeed changing and fast to be precise. In today’s world you actually do not need to go to classes, you could always enroll an online class or get tutorials of your dream career from the internet. All you need is spare some time and a couple of bucks to secure your future by studying and setting up your dream career. The beauty is it doesn’t matter who you are, where you are from, your age it all comes down to your passion, hard work, determination and patience to get your ecommerce career going. Artistic jobs are plenty for the taking. Below is a just but a sample of what you can actually invest in
  1. Wedding planner.
  2. Interior design.
  3. Catering.
  4. Cartoonist
  5. tour guide
  6. Event planner
  7. Photographer
  8. Comic book writer
  9. Graphic Designer
  10. Journalist/Blogger
  11. Fashion Designer
  12. Wed Designer/Developer
This is just but a sample of the long list of artistic careers you can actually invest in. The beauty to this list is that I will be writing articles on them individually outlaying what each entails, what you need, and how to get started(setting up the business) Of course I design and develop websites thus my skill will come in handy you’re your need for website arises but am not going teaching them.

Lets case study Interior design and what we have to do!

Maybe you’ve got a soft spot on how to order things around the house- what to paint the wall, what tiles to go with that wall color, the table and chairs to buy well you get the gist. Point is you can interior design a house to come up with a paradise. Congratulations first step is complete you’ve just figure out what you love and what you need to invest in!!!!

step two

Own a website good looking one get some at beautifull templates to assure your customer you mean business and that they can surely trust you plus it gives them an idea of what you do and who you are.

step three

Optimize your website (seo) this means you advertise your website vigorously, create pages , groups on social sites link them to your website, blog useful content and share your articles and work to reach your market

step four

When you secure a contract give it your very best for reputation and good praise is what secures your future-good will
Find out more on how to survive on the internet

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