How to venture into online ecommerce business

E commerce can simply be defined as business conducted via the internet or via the electronic gadget. In today’s world, e commerce has built a reputation for itself and people often wonder “what exactly is e commerce” with continued fame by social media, social sites, internet – everyone in business never let a moment slip away without the mention of e commerce. Most people refer to e commerce as shopping websites and then they struggle to find best responsive website developers to take they bidding often going through responsive web design templates in order to make their list of demands in website development. I would say its a smart move but i would say e commerce is much more than that.

Well let me try to list what ecommerce is

  1. More often than you care to admit you have witnessed people wiring money via a tablet, computer, phone to bank. Online banking is a part ecommerce(electronic commerce), as they call it e-banking
  2. Last week my colleague visited jumia and found this gorgeous watch only to find out that not on was it affordable but could also be delivered to her doorstep. Guess what! She purchased it and one week down the line she had the watch.-online shopping.
  3. I love Spanish but unfortunately my resources are lean then a couple of days ago I googled to find out how I can excel in my Spanish. Turns out there are more schools offering online studies than I can count organizations such as Spanishdict, Fluencia and much more out there to help with my Spanish. What caught my interest is that they are universities all over the globe offering e-learning to bachelors degree, P.h.d, etc.-electronic learning.
  4. Well, am a web developer which means I develop websites and ecommerce website for a living, and guess what the competition in my line of work is pretty much high with corporation running the same services offering it all over the world. The good news is the market is growing at an alarming rate there is something for everyone they say
  5. Of late blogging has emerged to build a reputation in the world of ecommerce but then again people often wonder how can anyone make money just writing articles for people to read?. Blogging itself is not the source of income unless someone hires you to blog on their site. The primary goal of blogging is to build a fun club of followers which in turn build a customer base to affiliate program(advertise products of other company and each sale made via your website, you are entitled to some commission).
  6. I have pretty much-created accounts with almost all websites that offer jobs at home program. Websites such as Freelancer, Fiverr, Freelanced the list goes on and on. They provide a platform where clients can post a job and freelancer can bid and do they work for them. Jobs include web development, writing articles, teaching, research etc. in today’s world you no longer need to report to work to make a living you can make a living while still in your bedroom.-online jobs
  7. How to make a career online on ecommerce outlines more than 10 ways to make a living. The list on the blog also has links that heighten the knowledge of those specific ideas as online services such as catering, interior design, how to make a living as cartoonist online, Photography as a career etc. this career involves blogging and building reputation to create a fun page which in turn will hire them for their services.

This literally is a taste of what ecommerce is capable of. From the unconfirmed source, it is estimated that the growth of ecommerce will reach a net worth 2 trillion dollars by 2018. This, however, does not entirely shed a light as to where this ecommerce wealth emanates from, but luckily enough the virtually wealth can be associated with mysterious cases like the list below

And yeah they make billions of dollars yearly, as a matter of fact, Facebook made 15 billion dollars during the 2013 fiscal year.

Ideas on online ecommerce business

Ecommerce reach is virtually everywhere literally it hovers upon any business carried on the face of the earth, with the choice of payments, receipts, marketing, advertising etc. With ecommerce being virtually everywhere is a chance to break through with your business ideas- for the optimistic people. There are more than 100 ways to make a living via internet but it all comes down to individual tastes and preferences. Below are ways to make a living via the internet.
  1. With companies like jumia, Alibaba, Amazon more often than not, they tend to be in constant search for affiliate programmers who would advertise their products on their websites and help them make more profits while they –affiliates earn commission.
  2. Creative entrepreneurs never seize to amaze me! I had an experience with this lady who would do research on what people were looking for then she bought a website- an online shopping website shared it with her friends. She also populated it with what she was selling and mind you she didn't have the money to procure inventory all she would do is overprice the product as tagged by the merchants, use the buyer's money to buy the product from merchants and deliver the products to their owners. With time she literally made a fortune to herself.
  3. What fuels entrepreneurs is their passion and determination. Passion is derived from doing or engaging in an activity you enjoy. To be exact most service entrepreneurs businesses emanates from hobbies that over time they invest time and resources to build a career or business from them. Such hobbies include decorating which turns to interior decorator(design), photography, cooking which interns graduates to catering etc.

How to build online ecommerce business

Now that you’ve got some ideas to go with as an online ecommerce business entrepreneur, it's time you learn to submerge into ecommerce and create a fun club to yourself. There are a couple of things that all ecommerce businesses have in common and those include

There are thousands and one way to make a living via the internet or via ecommerce, but then again given its worldwide market. It is a little bit competitive and with the rule of demand and supply with higher supply that surpasses demand customers have opted to new measures of evaluating the supply and those include uniqueness, originality, user-friendliness thus in such an environment you ought to be wise and invest in something you are passionate about and most of all let excellence mother success and not for success to mother excellence

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