Make tour guide your ecommerce business

Tour guide: can be defined as a tool to help someone or something navigate a place. More often than we like to admit map is the only tour guide tool that everyone uses to navigate a place a tradition that began so many years ago. In today’s world especially the world of ecommerce every thing is advancing towards efficiency and effective service delivery. It’s about time someone gave a tour guide a new experience all together an experience worth experiencing despite your location on the globe. For those whose travelling is a hobby its time we derived some bucks out of our hobbies. The photos you take while travelling its time they amounted to something. Yea right that sounds ridiculous right? I mean how on earth does that even make sense to me? Let me derive some sense before you bounce off. More often than we like to admit travelling requires a plan but you cant really plan for something that you have no idea it exist or equip yourself with all the basics and resources you might be in need of during the tour.

Case scenario Lets say you blog about lake Mbogoria a salty lake in Rift valley(Kenya). Most google search will result to search description but lake Mbogoria has much more to it than a salty water lake like it has geysers, boiling water oozing off the ground not to mention the boiling is enough to make a raw egg edible within five minutes. It also oozes gasses from underground like sulphar gas. It is also locked between escarpments in the great rift valley and they are birds swimming on the lake not to mention marine life still exist in this boiling water lake. As a tour guide its your job to inform the world the wonders of nature capture a scenery like Lake Mbogoria and describes to someone anywhere on the globe to know what is like to be in lake mbogoria through a blog, photos, videos etc that they only thing they miss is to feel the warm waters seeping through their fingers and feel the warm breeze, eat the boiled eggs curtsey to the boiling water on the lake shores.

how to capture to story and make it worthy while

  1. Give the reader a brief description of the place a google map to easily navigate and describe the place effectively. Google maps make the story fascinating with the zoom and landscape visage capabilities. It helps navigation of the place to be more accommodating and efficient.
  2. With technologies such as panolama photos that are fascinating to use, considering they give 360 visage- east, west, north and south like being there yourself and turning around to see what surrounds you on the ground.
  3. Use videos to capture the essence of the place. Although time and time again web developers discourage the use of videos on a website due to slow loading and heavy websites effects. uploading the videos to youtube and then linking the video to the website solves all the problems not to mention its also advertisement strategy.

what do you need in this business

All ecommerce business have almost the same necessities to start a business

why go to all these trouble how does it help make a living

There are a thousand and one ways to make a living over the internet but for this very case scenario I will talk about affiliate programs held by major companies to help them sell off their products companies like amazon, ebay, alibaba, jumia, kilimall, etc. technically it involves including a code to your website on your blog about what they are selling on their websites( a link to their websites) and each sales they make from a customer directed through your website you are entitled to some commission. There are various ways in which they pay sometimes they use a flat rate other companies use a percentage of what was bought and file your earnings for you to collect. Google adsences is the leading in this kind of jobs but it requires a good amount of traffic flowing through your site. So basically its your turn to blog quality, original rand resourceful materials if your want to draw traffic to your sites. The bigger the traffic the bigger the sales the bigger the commission.

how to draw traffic to your site

I am going to be blunt and say there are over billion off websites out there and ranking first in your keyword optimized group depends on how resourceful you materials are. Below are few briefed ways to make a killing in pulling traffic towards your site
  1. Optimized your website both internally and externally –this is the major way of optimizing your website it is meant to pull favors from search engines to recognize your website and rank them among the first page of search results, for fourth page and below ranking on the results page on your group keyword optimization spell a disaster in the making. For internal search engine optimization employ consistency, quality and resourcefulness of your materials. In regards to external search engines try building back links to your websites.
  2. Quality and resourceful content on your blog. Client satisfaction is derived by the ability of the surfer to stick around on your website and even coming back to visit your website. This is a strong indication to search engines that your website is resourceful and as a result it is rank high on the page
  3. User friendliness of the website. People will stick around to a website that they can navigate easily despite the gadget of use thus it’s of grave importance that you employ responsive websites that are user friendly despite the gadget in use to surf them.
  4. Ensure social sites are your friend in spreading the word about your website for they have the greatest level of visitors around the globe.

So why tour guide

The beauty of the e commerce world is that anything is possible but to be successful requires fighting, vigor, passion, and determination. Its time you turn your hobby to be your business besides how cool would that be

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