The right time to host your official responsive ecommerce website

Most often people mistake what a website is meant to be, to most, a website is a tool used to avail an online presence for a business, person, band, etc. but what they fail to understand is that it’s quite capable of so much more including

This is just a drop of water compared to the sea of the many capabilities of a website in the e commerce world. There are plenty of web designers and web developers in Nairobi in the long list of best web designers who have more than a few responsive web design templates you can work with.

So why host your responsive e commerce website now?

It's the rule of nature that all things follow certain procedure to their existence that is

Birth→ baby→ teen→ adult→ old age → finally death

Well, that’s the life cycle to human beings. Well for businesses it’s quite different it’s more charming and fascinating to experience especially if it is your passion.

Seed→ start up→ growth→ established→ expansion→ mature→exit or reformulate

The best weapon often used by entrepreneurs to keep them on toes during tough times is the ability to rekindle their passion towards their passion. Entrepreneuring your passion is a nice way to grow in the business world since the long hours employed and unlimited resources invested during the startup and growth stage only feel worth it if you the entrepreneur is passionate about the business. Businesses, especially in the e commerce world, have managed to obtain immortality but there is a catch! as always. “To reformulate” is a fancy word meaning instead of exiting or rather dying out of the business you develop news ways to grow. If successful the cycle repeats itself only this time it starts at the growth stage.
Enough of business studies and let's get to the good stuff-a website also follows these familiar steps as described above. You don’t just host a website and expect it to reach its full potential overnight there is a lot of work that needs to be ploughed towards the website for it to grow. The good news however with its growth the more resourceful it becomes in terms of sales and profit margins.
All websites need to build their fame over the internet and considering there are over billion websites online today I would say fame is critical. Fame is the ability of a specific website to rank among the first results when specific keywords are searched over search engines and trust me you need to be at least the second page in your niche- or rather the keywords you have invested in on the search results. All this stuff about ranking, fame, keywords are all under a fancy term “search engine optimization” SEO.
Remember hosting a website is not as expensive as you may have been lead to believe with $250 dollars you can have your website up and running here at Chantosweb developers. Plus the yearly cost of hosting a website goes to as low as $30.

How exactly do we grow fame for our ecommerce website?

  1. Search engine optimization can be classified into two
    • Internal search engine optimization
    • External search engine optimization
    I will not bore you with the technical stuff of their meaning but rather give a brief description of what they are about. Internal SEO is a tool used by search engines to evaluate how resourceful your material is towards the keyword search results in comparison to others- it revolves around consistency, originality, words count etc but don’t get cocky and dump irrelevant material to your website! because it also uses user experience to rate your website and article-time spent by people viewing your website counts. External search engine optimization refers to how other websites within your market niche view your website! Is it resourceful? This is evaluated by the number of back links running back to your website.
  2. For more information on how search optimizes your website, I would recommend that you get yourself a professional or do some more research on the same.
  3. Blogging – of late I have often criticized the value of blogs on a website and their role in creating a fan base. When utilized correctly they tend to impress customers and seduce them to be subscribers on new articles you happen to publish in the future.
  4. Use social sites – I am often amazed at how much time people spend on social sites updating some crazy stuff like “eating lunch” or “am tired”. Don’t get me wrong socializing on social sites is wonderful and I have nothing against it or maybe am not that into it. Point is! make your time on social sites worth something like making money while socializing-hey am not the stereotypes! Am just thinking maybe you should make an extra coin in this harsh economic times. Social sites have managed to build their customers base all over the world with facebook leading with one billion users- last time a checked! Thus you can expose your website to people who could not have otherwise new you existed!
  5. Advertisement – google sense and other advertisement firms online provides means to help you reach more people through other websites and search engines at cost.
  6. Word of mouth and messaging- although traditional but it happens to have a personal touch to the parties involved thus effective although its reach is small scale.

Final remarks

Do not wait for tomorrow to host your website because tomorrow is a day late and remember its never too late to realize your dream. Host your website and let it build its reputation as you compile your resources to establish your business besides everything requires baby steps to exist within the natural domain. You have passion put yourself out there and see what you can actually do given a chance. As they say it's better to have loved and lost than not to have loved at all.
Sometimes our limits are limited by what we think we are capable off if given a chance or a challenge you might be surprised at what you really are capable off plus no ones is exactly the same as the other. People often fail in life because they tend to copy others not realizing that everyone has a unique exam paper called life and all it needs from us is be ourselves and believe in ourselves. If interested in owning a website here are a few Responsive web design templates and to get your website visit as at Chantosweb Developers

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Myrachanto is a frontend and backend developer at Chantosweb Developers, He Apparently works with laravel, vue js bootstrap and jquery. He has being working on serveral projects of late.

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