Time to go big with cartoons as career in ecommerce

Cartoonist is a visual artist who specialize in drawing cartoons Am sure you are wondering how could this be even a career to begin with right? Well maybe your doubts have some basis but being an entrepreneur requires creativity, uniqueness and thinking outside the box and most of all believe in yourself –die trying than quit. To really understand how your thinking is here are some quizzes sort of riddles to help you realize outside the box is quite remarkable thing to employ!

  1. how do you draw a triangle with two lines?
  2. how many months are there in a year that have 28 days?
Most people answers are “I don’t know for the first question” and for the second “one” in the case that the year is not a leap. Well if you made that team it seems you are not willing to test your limits because on both accounts the answers are wrong! Remember darkness is the absence of light and a problem is the absence of solution which means everything has a solution to it. Enough of that! Here are the answers
  1. For the first case draw a normal triangle and in it add two lines .
  2. For the second scenario all months in the year have got 28 days they only vary how long the month last.

Now that I have got your attention a cartoonist has a great career as visual artist -with comic books coming around, cartoon adverts, animation movies, and much more… and do not sell yourself short because you never know what you are really capable off until you push yourself. Now lets look at the good stuff:

  1. marketing and advertisement- in today’s world cartoon adverts are quite compelling considering they are meant to invoke the child in us. Once in a while everyone craves to be treated nice or favored or may be reminded what it was like to be a child with no worries in the world of adults. As someone who ant a stranger with marketing the first rule to marketing is know your client, understand what they like, their taste, preference and anything that may be of importance in regards to whatever you are marketing. As a visual artist creativity is no limitation considering its all about imagination so with that aspect in mind you might want to target something that will invoke fear, laughter, sympathy, joy etc. this very emotional aspects of human nature persuades one to get involved with what is on advertisements for example for toothpastes you might create cartoons from wild animals whose teeth are one essential tool for living like lions, or tigers now with that in mind create an advert with cartoon that fails to use toothpaste and as a result the teeths begin to decay and looses them in the end she dies of hunger”< br /> You get the gist. This however it ant something you perfect overnight its through experience and lots of hard work you become a profession in the field because for the wise they understand that failures are the step to success.
  2. writing comics books creativity itself is quite a rare commodity the fact that you are good at visual artist does not necessarily mean you can scrap up a creative comic story and yea there is no shame in that. I mean if one guy could do everything in the world how boring would that be. What I intend to imply is that don’t be afraid to make a team with someone who is good at writing comics because with both your efforts you stand a chance. In Today’s world plenty of people have opted to be entrepreneurs because it is really rewarding the only shortcoming or challenge to wards it is that the demand is high but the supply is higher so perfection is of key importance. Yea I know nothing is perfect but your work should be perfect on its line since it embraces originality and creativity of its own unique perspective.
  3. Animation movies – I always loved animation movies but those kind of animation that had power to capture my attention- I mean their graphics, storyline, their construct, their quality etc. Disney has quite a remarkable profile as far as animation is concerned but that should never be treated a as threat be an opportunist who sees opportunity in the most rare forms of experiences or conditions and always remember that although life is hard quitting doesn’t makes things better it only proves to your foes that you were not built up to it.

    So how does ecommerce help in stablelizing your career?

    1. get yourself a remarkable ecommerce website-

      in the is competitive world one needs to be always equipped with what is best out there to keep up the speed. A remarkable website implies that your website should be mobile friendly, beautiful and easy to navigate through. First impression has quite a great power to impress a potential customer all destroy the little faith he had of you and your work but what is more important is your work. Its always the best notion to always give the best foot forward. Give photos, videos, and adverts of what your work is all about and let the potential client be amazed of what you really are capable off even before they make an offer for your services. Time and time again it has being laid bare in our eyes that most people are more willing to purchase something they know from seeing it perform rather than something they are told it will work so let the websites give the best short of your work –basically let it market you!
    2. marry social sites- yea I know I sound ludicrous but you need to visit them every hour and then because they are the best short you’ve got at pulling traffic towards your site. In today’s world there are so many social sites out there beginning with facebook, google plus, twitter, linkendin,instagram, etc. and its pretty much easier to reach people in masses on social sites considering only a couple of months ago did facebook register having 1 billion users. These social sites are equiped with features to help the entrepreneurial minds all over the globe, features such as pages, groups, article writing, business profiles. These features tend to pull a lot of organic traffic to the websites .
    3. Learn to optimize your work. On search engines being ranked on forth pages or below when your specific keywords that you optimize at is quite the worst news considering rational suffers always get their search results from the first page and second page, third when first and second are not helpful. With that in mind internal seo is of grave consequences because it gives the search engines of how resourceful your website is that and back links gives the search engines all the information to rank you when your certain keywords are searched over browsers. Learn to write quality and resourceful material on your website because the more influence you have on a customer to stick around on your website is a poeitive indicator to search engines. Search engines today are more compelled by user experience of surfers- how long a surfer is willing to stick around on your website!
    4. Advertise your work – adverts though google ads proves to be an efficient tool to see out your services over ecommerce

    5. So what to consider while engaging in ecommerce entrepreneurship?

      I always advice people to invest in what they are passionate about but not what they feel like can do better in certain conditions. I am not being ridiculous entrepreneurships is quite a demanding job which requires sometimes everything you’ve got. time and time again has proven that passion and interest is what keeps entrepreneurs afloat besides only the wise realize that success follows excellence and not the other way around especially in this competitive age. Always try to do the best in every case you’ve got in hand for good will is not something you buy its something you build with time and good work.

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