Why its cost effective to employ mobile friendly web design to websites

What is responsive web design? Responsive web design is just another fancy vocabulary that simply implies Mobile friendly website. Mobile friendly web design is a website design that enables a website to respond and adapt to the gadget used to surf - the ability of a website to adapt to screen size, screen orientation, gadget in use and yet give maximum utility to a surfer. It is prudent to declare that responsive websites are taking over the world of ecommerce and Kenya’s businesses. It is safe to say that smartphones and tablets are the leading electronic gadgets in use in today’s world but their core use is to surf. The rationality of human beings implies that “human beings tend to always seek the easy way out of everything” which means they always tend to shun away from problems whenever it is possible to do so.

Tradition web designs (unresponsive web designs) fails miserably to serve smartphones smartphones and tablets and whenever they do, they tend to display part of the website. Point is they are not responsive thus denies the user the friendly comfort and as a result of such case scenarios, surfers have always established a record of bouncing off with a rate of 100%. Off the website in search for results from other websites that are more accommodating.

Why it is prudent to hire a mobile friendly web design for a website

  1. Most surfers around the globe use mobile phone and tablets -As mentioned above most of the surfing today is done via mobile phones and tablets. Safe to say that 70% of the surfing is done via mobile phones and tablets. At this rate, it’s reckless to hire or continue using unresponsive web designs for your website despite its use especially when we have best web designers in Nairobi . My previous article on how to venture into online ecommerce business highlights the importance of a website- one of them being a ”marketing tool”. A website role is to avail information on something or someone around the clock and give a brief and sometimes detail information about the subject. With the right search engine optimization, a website provides great and resourceful form of advertisement to reach your market niche.
  2. To create impressions to search engines Search engines such a Google, MSN, ask, bing and the like have evolved to results a surf with the best customer friendly solutions. This revolves around the resourcefulness of the article, time spent by other surfers on it, user-friendliness of the website that offers the result. With that in mind unresponsive or otherwise mobile unfriendly sites never or rarely rank at the top page. Thus with a result oriented individual or organization it safe to say that mobile friendly web design is the only way out in ecommerce world.
  3. They out way mobile applications People often think that mobile applications are a substitute for responsive web design but as far as I am concerned they aren’t. Let's be frank! How many mobile applications have you downloaded since you bought your phone? Quite frankly they tend to take this queue Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, and probably 4 more. For Android phones and iPhones, they come with those applications already installed. How many mobile applications do you think they are out there in play store? Third, we rarely download mobile applications; we download those that we use regularly. These facts tend to provide an irrefutable proof as to why I am adamant about the use of mobile friend user interfaces.
  4. It’s the future of e commerce. E commerce applications, websites are evolving to attain responsive nature or mobile friendliness nature. Those that aren’t changing will soon face out in this dynamic unforgiving e commerce world. Some companies built websites but only use them to occupy their domain name. This however, is ridiculously out place since this is almost the least reason why websites the exists in the first place. Websites are means of marketing products, company, services etc, advertisement tool for jobs, services, products etc, and self service tool for e commerce application such as online shopping website with a cart.
  5. Its one of the method to maintain and attract visitors Fast easy loading websites tend to keep visitors from bouncing of the sites and thus part and parcel of the mobile friendly user interface. Here at Chantosweb Developers we offer responsive web designs to Kenya and to the whole world.

What constitute mobile friendly designs

As a web developer and a designer I would probably advise you to leave the development and designing to the experts but for those who would like to get a highlight of what it involves. Here is the listing: With that brief highlight, it forms guideline to evaluate how effective and efficient a responsive website can be especially if you are into hiring the best responsive official website for your personal activity or for a company

Best practices in regards to mobile friendly web designs

Before people use to create websites and create mobile websites or application to counteract the growing use of mobile phones usage and use redirect technology to guide surfers to the right website depending on the gadget in use. This, however, is being faced out fast considering search engines have adapted to new means of degrading results that involve redirects. Google recently updated a new search algorithm to boost search results with mobile-friendly user interfaces. Learn to optimize images to fit into any form of screen size with ease and bring about the best there is, the site has to offer. Enhancing site speed by reducing request- user-friendliness also revolves around the ability of the website to load fast and easily.

Cost of mobile-friendly web designs for a website

With the growth of technology in e commerce, the creation of the unresponsive website for our customers is not in our cards anymore. It’s by default –unwritten rule that all created websites should be responsive, thus the cost of the responsive website should not be put into consideration although the absence of responsive design in a website has a massive repercussion. Repercussions of the website never ranking in any of the search results and thus its purpose of availing the online presence. Here at Chantosweb Developers, we provide templates and web designs that are responsive and effective in service delivery. Our websites offer a wide range of service delivery including simple websites, e commerce applications and ERPs all through which are design with integrity to observe mobile-friendly user interface. Its safe to say with the technological advancement in the e commerce era and the mobile-friendly user interfaces are the keys to survival and the current means to rank in search engine results. More often than we like to admit speed, efficiency and easy loading of a website play a critical role in providing a likable user experience. It tends to be annoying when a website takes forever to load much worse when it takes the entire mobile data bundle to load (heavy websites). Heavy websites are characterized by big pictures (pictures with more than 500kbs in size) or videos or plenty of images than it should probably have. To embrace efficiency learn to compress your pictures, videos, CSS files, js files etc another means to improve loading speeds is to cache js files, and CSS files when the website loads or use the code from Google and Microsoft.

The beauty of mobile friendly websites web design

It can be categorized into several factors that come together to build the end product of a website that is mobile friendly. These factors include This, therefore, implies that employing mobile-friendly websites as web design is a strategy in marketing area by reaching people and use websites to its full potential.

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