Why your catering business requires a responsive website design

Catering- is the business of providing food service in social events in a professional capacity but what makes this business so damn incredible and challenging is the art employed. The ability to cater a mass without losing quality to a sense of bringing out the wow look from the guest as they try to grasp the beauty in display, taste as well as the sweet smell. I am not a caterer but the exposure from parties and events that I have attended bears witness that catering itself is a gift, a passion and a love of food. Enough of catering am no expert in that field but I have a fair share of knowledge in website design and development but then why would you bother with a websites now you have always done good without it right?

Importance of having a responsive website for your business

  1. It’s a marketing tool for your business. It avails your services to potentials customers anywhere at any time

  2. Provides around the clock reservation tool. Well maybe sometimes potential customers may try to contact you without success but with a website all you have to do is provide an application form them to file a reservation or rather provide contatc information. It is important for you to have a responsive web design for easier access via mobile phones and tablets

  3. Customer feedback. Customers satisfaction is of great importance to businesses with dreams of expansion and a beautiful future. For feedback gives the business a chance to change and fit into customers’ needs.

  4. Online presence to build customer confidence. Today we got this idea in our heads that a company without a website is not to be trusted. Owning a website build your trust to new customers but not just a website but mobile friendly websites.

  5. Professionalism of the business. A website not only inspires confidence to your customers but also gives them a chance to evaluate who you are what you exactly offer. It provides a platform where you sell "yourself" as they say in interviews. what i mean here is you provide information that leaves no doubt you are the best at what you do.

Well this are not the only reasons as to why you should own a website but they make a compelling argument for you to have one but a website is not just a website there are some several factors that you need to factor in while investing in a website.

Below are some factors you need to consider while a hiring a web developer or building a website yourself

  1. Responsive nature. in today’s world of the digital age responsitivity of a website plays a very critical role in search engine optimization(the ability to rank among the first results on a search engines). Responsive websites ensures that websites are view able by any gadget that cares to surf it those includes smartphones, tablets, laptops desktops etc. although people advocate for mobile application I do not advocate for it because they need downloading and installing and to be honest people do like easy way out. For this case responsive websites. Check a few responsive designs at www.chantosweb.com/responsive-templates.

  2. Beautiful templates designs- although they say “beauty is in the beholders eyes” I do believe that some things and people have the capacity to impress a crowd with their beauty , case and point is you need to invest on first impression of your website to surfers by employing beauty a high load speed. With that you could be able to convince them to hire your services but remember the opposite could ruin your online career.

  3. Employ a blogging system- a blogging system establishes a connection with your clients. Let them know that you care about them by blogging about new menus to explore, events catered, how to cook certain dishes etc. let your clients know that you indeed care by responding to questions and attending online discussion forums.

  4. Social sites sharing capabilities.- social sites have proven to be efficient way off spreading a word of your existence considering that they a well populated for example facebook has over 1.2 billion users, GooglePlus has over 1 billion users- am sure you get the point. Interact and share your work on social sites to improve your domain authority.

  5. Content management system- this is a technology that enables anyone to modify data on the websites without any programming skills whatsoever. This comes in handy while blogging , and other information that tend to change over time like availability status of a product. This comes in handy for a website needs to be regularly updated.

Its time you invested on ecommerce

Am sure you are wondering why bother now besides you have done well in the past. Well it’s a matter of choice but before you make hasty decisions remember the business world is changing so is the world. You may choose not to care but your competitors explore every new option they have to make an extra coin. Besides owning a website is not that expensive as you may have being lead to believe, and I also happens to know that change ant that generally accepted but sometimes it’s nice to have a leap of faith and explore new options out there besides I happen to have a few options in here of responsive web design templates.

For more information visit http://www.chantosweb.com/Responsive-ecommerce-website-and-web-application-templates or http://www.chantosweb.com/product/catering-ecommerce-website

Myrachanto is a frontend and backend developer at Chantosweb Developers, He Apparently works with laravel, vue js bootstrap and jquery. He has being working on serveral projects of late.

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