how to venture into design firm with a firm e-commerce grip

Design is a plan that follows the dimensions of creativity, imagination to create something . more often than we like to admit artist in the realm of art design tend to ignore what their talent can amount to and yes the society is to be blamed for that. Education was the only way to get you a position or wealth in the community by being employed. Don't get me wrong that is true but only to a certain degree. In today's world, those who enjoy life by fetching large sums of money are entrepreneurs who invested in ideas, dreams, and talents but the employed forms a very small percentage and that is if they have the freedom to themselves.
It would be a lie if I told you being an entrepreneur is easy but as they say if it were easy everyone could do it but the operative word is IT is worth everything besides entrepreneurs will concur with my assessment.

The design is an operative word in the world of e-commerce that is best left to action.

Why design as an artist?

Design is as enormous as it can be, considering all the following falls within its description
  1. Architecture
  2. Interior design
  3. Wedding planning
  4. Art design etc
For this article, I will solely focus on art design and as you might be well aware art design is quite a mouthful in terms of what it covers. namely
  1. Logo design
  2. Fashion
  3. Photography
  4. Cards design
And this list goes on and on but this, however, turns out to be a good thing considering that the options are vast.

How exactly can one invest in e-commerce as art designer?

One thing about an artist is that they always have master pieces in their living rooms only viewable to their visitors who have no means to let the word out there to the right audience- no offense! And if they have, they ( artists) end up being employed to work for other people- calm down am not saying it's a bad thing! if anything it's a good thing but you could always make things better for yourself by being your own boss.
The world we live today is very resourceful with the internet to bear the praise. I mean artistic work is unique in its own way considering it's a service that can be rendered to a client regardless of the distance which implies that the whole world is your target market- population of 8billion people on the planet well that's according to the last time I checked! The catch is you are not the only designer in the e-commerce market there are reputable, skilled and experienced designers out there and with supply bigger than the demand, the demand has shifted its aspects of awarding projects. The demand has to embrace creativity and originality as aspects to consider while awarding a bid.
This means that excellence, passion is the driving factors in the world of e-commerce and also in the real world when you come to think about it. As So let's get to the good stuff you need the following to make a stand in the world of e-commerce
  1. Computer and a good internet connection.
  2. A website
  3. Social accounts to reach more people to establish ground zero for your traffic.
  4. Enforce ground zero by the use of the blog.
A good mobile friendly website- people often think that a website is costly and only affordable to well-established firms. That might be true but then again it defeats the purpose of a website. Let me lay it out bare for everyone to know!
A website is might be an element of fun or something to show the stability of the company- but it's a secondary reason the following are the primary reasons as to why you should own a website for your business
  1. A website is a marketing tool that when well utilized should broaden your market niche. Truth is today's generation they surf hotels, motels, parks which are ridiculously easy than asking people on the street where to find what but that doesn't make it possible for them because they can't find something they have never heard of. So a website and social sites(accounts) give people a rough idea of what you are and what you offer.
  2. A website provides the clock self-service to your possible clients. They get a chance to poke around and find what you offer, how you offer it and when they make an appointment, they make it get the job done. Some might say it's a robot customer service! Just a thought.
  3. A good website provides a friendly user interface that provides a comfy ground to a potential client to navigate through your website with ease and sometimes file an application for a potential job to be done possibly through a phone. A beautiful responsive web designs Has this mesmerizing look to your potential customers, so make sure to make a wise decision while investing on a website.
  4. An effective website in today's world of e-commerce provides means and ways to keep you updated on potential customers, projects approaching and their deadline, work in progress conduct online payment and much more
  5. The secondary reasons are vastly coming to be of vital importance considering that online presence of a firm is a measure of integrity or rather a measure to provide trust to possible clienteles
  6. Another secondary reason is that online E.R.Ps are now the future of e-commerce websites the ability to work anywhere anytime.
All in all you need a web design application development and website firm to get all that sorted out.

What exactly can one invest in e-commerce as an art designer

Am an artist -sort of I can draw some photos here and there but am well suited in the world of web development and sometimes design which means I can get you running with a beautiful responsive website and all you have to do is just say the word. The following could make you an entrepreneur in the world of art design

Reasons why you should try this

The true artist tends to have master pieces of their work lying around in their house just as I mentioned earlier on, not knowing how to get the word out. Well, it's time you tried something new like commencing a part time job where you can work anytime, anywhere provided you are living your dream.
It's not a surprise when you realize that your part time job is worth investing as full-time job due to the fruits that come along with it.
I have no idea what line of design you are in but all that matters is that if you are willing to trust yourself to take that leap of faith nothing is impossible. Besides, I keep saying the word impossible keeps doubting itself to "i-m-possible" I wish you all the luck there is and remember am good at what I do in the website development and design department so if you need a website visit us at Chantosweb Developers

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Myrachanto is a frontend and backend developer at Chantosweb Developers, He Apparently works with laravel, vue js bootstrap and jquery. He has being working on serveral projects of late.

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